Goals & Objectives

  1. To align, integrate and coordinate the planning, development, construction and operation of ports and port facilities within the ARMM territorial jurisdiction in con formity with the national port system in the country;
  2. To enhance the flow of international and domestic seaborne commerce;
  3. To promote regional development by providing support to sustain the growth of export and other priority industries in the region.

Lengthening our stride to move forward, the Authority anchored on four major interventions/institutional thrusts to wit:

  1. a) Reforming management values and ideals towards effective and efficient port operations ;
  2. b) Professionalizing the personnel, facilities and services for safe, competitive and reliable ARMM ports;
  3. c) Motivating port workers and officials to be God-fearing, honest and client-friendly; and
  4. d) Advocating the Policy on Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance.

Functional Statements

¨ To formulate, in coordination with the regional development office and other regional   agencies, a comprehensive port development plan for the ARMM, to review and update the implementation of these plans;

¨ To supervise, control, regulate, construct, maintain, operate and provide the necessary facilities and service needed in all these ports within the ARMM;

¨ To prescribed rules and regulations, procedures and guidelines governing the establishment, construction, maintenance and operation of additional ports, both public and private, within the ARMM;

¨ To license, control, regulate and supervise any construction of structure within any port in the ARMM;

¨ To provide services (whether on its own, by contract or otherwise) within the region approaches thereof including but not limited to:

e.1. berthing, towing, mooring, moving, slipping or docking  any  vessel;

e.2. loading or discharging any vessel;

e.3. sorting, weighing, measuring or otherwise, handling goods.

¨ To control, regulate and supervise pilotage and the conduct of pilots in any port within the ARMM;

¨ To provide or assists in the provision of  training programs and facilities for its staff or those of the port operators and users for the efficient discharge of its functions,     duties and responsibilities;

¨ To exercise corporate powers and police authority now vested in the Philippine Ports Authority, provided that these powers shall not extend to the areas outside the autonomous region; and

To perform such other functions such services as may be deemed proper and necessary to carry out and          implement the provisions of the Executive Order.

Along these strategic interventions, the Executives and the manpower of the Regional Ports Management Authority have worked hard to carry on the mandated tasks and significantly demonstrated commitment to   accomplish the needed plans and programs to make the seaports authority a more efficient and effective in delivering frontline services to its clientele.