RPMA-ARMM Gives Hygiene Kits, School Supplies and Groceries to 300 Orphans in Gang, Sultan Kudarat Municipality











Around 300 orphans from the Al-Islamia Orphanage at Gang, Sultan Kudarat Municipality (Maguindanao) received hygiene kits, school supplies and groceries provided by the RPMA-ARMM as part of its Adopt-An-Orphanage initiative on the observance of the Mindanao Week of Peace 2015. The said event is led by the OIC General Manager, Ersan Imban Warad along with the entire regional staff and gave out the items to the orphanage administered by Ustadj Hasan Zacaria Maluon.  This initiative is an effort to leave a footprint as community outreach enjoining the advocacy reforms of the ARMM Government headed by the Honorable Mujiv S. Hataman on transparency, accountability and good governance. ###

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