RPMA joins ARMM Mosque Exhibit 2018

As part of the celebration of Pakaradjaan 2018 and observance of holy month of Ramadan, the Regional Ports Management Authority- ARMM joined the ARMM Mosque Exhibit held at the Region’s seat in Cotabato City last May 11, 2018.

Said exhibit featured 24 miniatures of renowned mosques from the different parts of the world and has been put up by different line agencies in the region. This includes the miniature mosque of Shait Gambuj in Bagerhat, Bangladesh put up by the RPMA-ARMM.

Shait Gambuj Mosque is a 15th century Islamic edifice established by one great devotee of Islam named Khan Jahan Ali sometime in 1959.

The Mosque is an enormous Moghol architectural site covering area 160×108 square feet, stunned by sixty pillars, which support eighty one exquisitely curved domes that have worn away with the passage of time.


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